What happened at work last night? Guido rolling balls

Lots of stuff happened last night. But by far, my favorite moment was dancing for the guido rolling balls.

The main way I make money at work is by noticing whose noticing me. If someone shows interest, I walk over and say hi and gauge if they’re interested in buying a dance or a private room. I was doing my rounds and noticed this guy noticing me. So I said hi and he showed the tell-tale signs of MDMA use. His jaw was chewing and clenching. Initially I thought maybe it was coke, but it became very clear that he was rolling pretty hard on Molly.

I asked him if he wanted a dance and he said yes. His friend seemed a bit anxious, but I think they figured a dance wouldn’t hurt him nor his wallet too much. So I sat him down on a chair. He couldn’t stop telling me how beautiful I was. Then he started unbuttoning his shirt. He was a young, cute, and heavily tattooed guido with a huge fucking smile on his face. I said “you can’t do that! you have to button it back up” and he responded with “no, it’s cool!” So I re-buttoned the middle button. He didn’t seem to protest nor notice too much.

I started dancing for him. I asked him if he was rolling and he asked me if I wanted some. I said, I’d love some but I can’t do it at work. He said “yes you can.” I was like “ok, I’ll find you later to get it” with a smile. I have learned that it’s better to say “yes” to most everything a guy wants, especially if he’s fucked up. When a guy’s totally fucked up on drugs, he’s definitely not an undercover cop, so you’re pretty safe. You avoid arguments and fulfill fantasies by agreeing to everything.

Normally I’d be upset if a customer was grabbing me too much during a dance, but it’s different when someone’s on MDMA. I love people on MDMA! I was dancing for him and he was hugging me in a sweet way, which I really enjoyed. But I couldn’t let him hug me too much or the bouncers might bother us, so I kept it at bay. He was grabbing me a bit as well, but that was manageable because he was so mashed.

He kept on telling me how much he wanted to eat my pussy… and my boobs. And all I could think was “yeah, you probably do, because eating pussy on MDMA is awesome, but that’s never going to happen.”

I wasn’t going to hustle him for another dance because that would be taking advantage of a nice drug user. And I’m not a heartless bitch. Plus I had to go on stage. So he paid me and I left vibing off his energy, and taking pleasure in knowing that I was a highlight of someone’s drug trip.