My Club is in decline (and I should probably go elsewhere)

I did some math and realize that I’ve been making half of what I usually make at work since June. This is unacceptable.

I realized that this coincides with a beloved manager leaving. He was strict, but he ran things really well and he actually cared about the girls. If you respected yourself, he respected you. He gave me a hard time a couple times when I started working there, but I really grew to like him, like a lot of the girls did. And he was sharp. He was a very good-looking well-dressed man… always took pride in his appearance, always talked to the girls. He was on top of everything. The club was polished, classy, and well-run.

Well, he got offered a better job, allegedly managing some high-end restaurant. (And probably kicking ass at it.) Things at the club have been in decline. For instance, the clientele, the girls, the facilities, and the VIP staff. Let’s go over it.

Clientele – There seem to be fewer high net worth individuals coming in. I’m certainly doing fewer VIP rooms. Most nights I’d do at least one. On good nights, I’d do two. But lately, the guys are all “oh it’s too expensive to go upstairs.” Or “But I just get a dance upstairs… I want more than a dance… what can we DO up there?” Which is different from how it used to be.

Girls – There are more girls, and the girls that are hired aren’t as hot as they used to be. They’re hiring indiscriminately. The more girls that work, the more house fees are paid, the more the management takes home even if the club makes less money. It seems to be a tactic for clubs in decline.

Facilities – The club is more of a mess than it’s ever been. First of all, it hasn’t been cleaned in ages. Girls just leave things on top of the lockers that stay there for months. Last night on top of my locker, there was a hair iron, a green dress, random empty paper bags, shoes, an empty glass jar of cocoa butter… for awhile there were even fairy wings! This mess prevents us from putting our shoes or bags on top of the locker. And not enough girls have lockers so they leave their bags all over the place. There’s not enough space to sit or do makeup!

Furthermore, the locker room is regularly used as storage for management. A few weeks ago, there was a pyramid of chairs filling up a third of it. It was a hazard! I needed to get to something so I moved one of them and all of the chairs fell down! And they were big, heavy chairs. It was a hazard. I could’ve really hurt myself. Recently, they’ve been using the locker room to store excess liquor stock too. It’s a direct insult to those of us that pay “facility usage fees.”

VIP staff is becoming nastier and nastier –  The hosts are nasty to the customers. The customers rarely get out of VIP without spending around $600 (and this is on the super low end… this is for a half hour, with a small tip for me and the host, and 2 cocktails with a small tip for the server). That’s a significant amount of money. A customer at a decent restaurant or bar with a $600 tab would be treated with respect. Why are they treated without respect at the club? I don’t understand.

My customers tend to feel taken advantage of by the time they close out their bills. That’s a negative customer experience. Just because it’s a strip club doesn’t mean the customers should be harassed. It makes customers disrespect strippers by association and not want to return. There are nice ways of getting someone to pay and tip and there’s harassment.

I don’t understand why some of the hosts expect a 20% tip on the whole bill. That’s more than I often get! And I’m entertaining them in a thong! And if the hosts don’t get a big tip, they sometimes treat the customers and me very badly. This leads to that taken-advantage of feeling.

What should I do? I need to audition at a new club, but it’s just so far into December. I may have to wait till January when I have a higher chance of getting hired. I know, my look definitely increases my chances of getting hired at any club (I’m natural and caucasian). But I’m not sure I can handle the stress of navigating a new club and possibly not getting hired or not making money right now.  I may need to stick it out at my current club till January.  Oy vey!


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