Hello World!

First of all, I’m not just a sex worker. I’m ivy league educated with two quantitative degrees (BA, MA). I’m also classically trained to high levels in various performing arts. I’m also a survivor of life-threatening illness, and familial and domestic abuse. But in the real world, these achievements and qualifications and a dollar will get you a cup of coffee. If you’re lucky, after graduation in the 21st century you’ll be fetching someone else a cup of coffee during your unpaid internship while mommy and daddy pay your bills (or not, in my case).

Grisette: (from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

  1. a young french working class woman
  2. a young woman combining part-time prostitution with some other occupation
Grimoire: (from Collins English Dictionary)
  1. a textbook of sorcery and magic

from French, altered from grammaire grammar; compare glamour

I consider myself a modern grisette. I’ve done many things in my life, sex work happens to be the best way to support myself while i’m working towards my goals. It beats bartending, waitressing, or working a god-awful 9-to-5 office job that causes me back pain. It is a means to an end, and I’ve been doing it off-and-on for about a decade.
They say millennials are too picky in terms of the demands they place on employers. I think we’re simply asking for what everyone else has wanted for years, but the technology wasn’t there to allow it. I want work where I’m paid decently to do things that aren’t mind-numbingly boring. I also want to be allowed to work remotely and/or set my own schedule. In 2013, with the advent of ultrabooks and the internet, this should be possible, especially for someone with tech experience and a mathematics background. But job applications have proved otherwise. Still, I’m holding out for the right scenario. I simply won’t show up for work if I’m unhappy in my job, because I can always do sex work to support myself.
This is a grimoire because I am a witch–not in the pointy hat and broom sense–but I’ve been described as a powerful and magical person. I’m very intuitive and a natural empath. I know how you feel by looking at you. I’ve had bizarre psychic experiences that I cannot explain. And I’m psychedelic–you know what I mean. In addition to being a journal, this is a sort of manual for the various sex industry niches I’ve worked in.
To add some double meaning, let’s look to the root of the word “grimoire” which is “grammar.” Glamour comes from “grammar” and I’ve been described as glamorous as well… So there you have it.
(disclaimer for future reference: names and details will be changed to protect my anonymity and the innocent)

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